NavPlay and NavPlay US: Your iPad Navigation Experiences

NavPlay: the best navigation experience with your iPad

NavPlay - The single source app you've been waiting for. Navigate with the swipe of a finger. All of your data and safety notifications can be managed with one easy-to-use program. With peace of mind, you can have more time to savor every moment on board, share your experiences through photos and video with your friends and make the memories of a lifetime.

Three key navigation factors: one easy app.

Check all data, onboard instrument alarms, and create automatically georeferenced videos and photos. Create your navigation story on your terms and never miss a moment of your voyage.

  • your boat: navigation data and events

    The Boat:

    live your boat at 100%!
    Receive and send NMEA data on your instrument network and keep everything under control from anywhere at any time.

  • The boaters: navigation experiences and emotions

    The Boaters:

    take photos and videos of your trip, family, friends and everyone on board, track your best performances or magic moments; do not miss any instant of your experience.

  • The experience: create your story and share with friends

    The Experience:

    Review, check, and share it all through NavPlay: tell your story without losing any detail or moment. This is your navigation experience,
    this is your story on board.

All you need before navigate

Draw route, logbook, charting table, weather forecast, c-map by jeppesen vector charts and satellite images features

All the tools you need at your fingertips.

Set your course with a complete set of navigational tools in Charting Table including: logs of previous trips, route plotting with Draw Route on satellite imagery, C-Map by Jeppesen or NOAA vector charts.
Here the complete list of NavPlay features and pages

Detailed vector charts info on NavPlay charting table
Map info menu on Navplay

Enjoy your navigation with NavPlay

Navigation environmtment, diagnostics, alarms, navigation bridge, experience maker, wifi connections and promo codes, movies, pictures and safety life features

Navigate safely and capture the highlights of your trip.

Keep track of all aspects of a safe trip including route progress, instrument settings and data while you and your friends enjoy your time on board.
Here the complete list of NavPlay features and pages

Control all navigation aspects with your iPad
AIS target display on NavPlay

Share your voyage

Logbook, cloud, experience maker, movies and pictures features

Check and review your data and pictures.

NavPlay allows you to relive and enjoy the memory of each and every moment of your trip, through Experience Maker. You can even share the highlights of your trip with your friends and family through social media.
Here the complete list of NavPlay features and pages

Experience Maker dashboard on Navplay
Share your experience with frienda after your navigation

NavPlay - Plot your course

Draw route feature

Plan your route with the swipe of your finger.

With NavPlay's innovative Draw Route feature you can design your day by simply swiping your finger across your screen. A full float plan with waypoints will be automatically created and can be quickly and easily modified and saved.
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draw your route simply swiping your finger across your screen
NavPlay draw route exclusive feature

All features are intuitively marked and separated for easy access.

NavPlay knows you have a lot of priorities on the water. Our simplified structure and division of the app allows you to focus on what you need, when you need it.

  • Charting Table

  • Charting Table


  • Alarm Manager

    Alarm Manager*

  • Security Cloud


  • LogBook


  • Instrument diagnostics


  • WiFi Manager

    WiFi Manager

  • Navigation Bridge

    Navigation Bridge*

  • Services, Charts and V.A.D.

    Services, Charts
    and V.A.D.

  • Experience Maker

    Experience Maker

Here the complete list of NavPlay features and pages

Navplay activation options.

NavPlay is a revolutionary tool to aid you in navigation and share your experiences with friends. After a free trial period, you can choose between 2 low-cost subscription options, either 15 days or a full year.

  • 15 day free trial period

    15 day full access

    (*) NavPlay fee includes 15 day access to Navigation - including AIS and autopilot - Alarms Manager and Navigation Bridge, for onboard testing.
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  • Vesper Marine promo code: 90 day free subscription

    Vesper Marine promo code

    Exclusive promotion reserved for Vesper Marine customers only:
    90 day free sudbsctiption
    with all features available.
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  • 15 or 365 day options

    15 or 365 day options

    At the end of your trial period, select a subscription option, to continue access Navigation environment, Alarms Manager and Navigation Bridge.
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NavPlay is available on AppStore

Communicate with your boat.

With a Vesper Marine WiFi connection, you have easy access to a full set of navigation and instrument data. Your NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 instruments are shown right on your iPad allowing you to enjoy your time onboard without being tied to the Captains chair or monitor your boat while you're away.

Vesper Marine XB-8000 AIS transponder and WatchMate Vision AIS transponder

Other OEMs with WiFi devices compatible with Navplay.

Chetco Digital Instruments, Comar Systems, Digital Yacht, DMK Yacht Instruments, Sailmon, Shipmodul, Weather Dock

Here the complete list of NavPlay features and pages
NavPlay is compatible with iOS 6.1 or higher.